Friday, May 09, 2008

The Cool Exec With A Heart Of Steel

I've seen the Iron Man movie twice now, and enjoyed it immensely both times. It's one of those rare summer blockbusters that has a (nuclear-powered) heart, thanks to a thoughtful script by the screenwriters of Children of Men (one of my favorite movies in recent memory) and superb performances from everyone in the main cast. I've enjoyed Robert Downey Jr in almost everything he's done but I think this movie is going to propel him into megastardom the same way Pirates of the Carribean did for Johnny Depp.

My only real complaint with Iron Man is the secret post-credits scene which serves to set up future crossovers with Marvel's upcoming superhero films. I know fanboys across the land are squeeing with joy but I'm not convinced that it's the best idea to start introducing convoluted crossovers into the movies - of all the people who I've talked to who have never read a comic book but who saw and enjoyed Iron Man, one of the things they responded to most was its "realism" - they liked the long sequences of Tony Stark building and testing his robot armour, which helped ground the movie and made it plausible to the audience (it's not realistic at all, of course, but pulls off the trick of feeling realistic). How will this same audience then react to the introduction of Thor, a magical Thunder God? Or Ant-Man?

Aside from that, though (and it's after the credits, long after the real movie is over and most people left the cinema, so it doesn't really count), it's a thoroughly excellent piece of entertainment.


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